rating the racing logos

well, for an excuse to get viewership, i’ll put a post about rating something and use a fake 10-point system of points that i’ll never use again for a few hundred years, so… i’ll “rate” racing logos for another excuse/trash a racing series.

and since i’m an art major, i’m supposed to do this anyways, right? so let’s rate racing logos.

American Le Mans Series


The American Le Mans series is fun to watch. Their logo, a silhouette of a Le Mans car with an italicized Arial and Impact fonts looks decent, with two primary colors of red and a dark blue. That said, I don’t like how they put shadow forms to the shape to make the logo look more like a 3D object.. too busy. It makes the logo look.. kinda fake. Isn’t that what NASCAR is, and isn’t that what NASCAR does all the time?

ALMS logo: 8/10


Hey, 1994 was a while ago. Maybe they should change it a little bit, but then again at least it’s not one of those new Gill Sans or Arial logos that everyone uses now. I still hate those colors.. they look like a test pattern like how their ratings will be when ESPN’s overpromotion of NASCAR fails. I wonder what that font is.

The new Sprint Cup logo, to commemorate the rebranding of Nextel.. which should have happened in 2005 as Nextel was a dying brand after the SprintNextel merger. Anyways, the logo looks like an oval speedway, which is to the point. Better than that old logo anyways. It looks good, unlike the shit that NASCAR pulls these days.

NASCAR logo: 5/10

NASCAR Sprint Cup logo: 7/10

Indy Racing League

I hate what they do and how it stated.. but whatever, they are a racing league (to the lowest denominator).

Even though I like the red and blue.. it is just executed to piss off hardcore fans it seems. The negative space on the Indycar works too well and too strong. The font is supposed to be “cool” and “updated” from the old CART Indycar logo, which is supposed to attract fans, but it is annoying, like everything they do, which is bad because they ruin and dumb down their product to no end. The old font was much cleaner and much better before the merger. The NASCAR logo looks better than this trash.

Indycar logo: 3/10

Champ Car

It’s not bad, and certainly, it’s much cleaner.. the orange and black is a different perspective in a race logo. The new logo shows the DP01, etc. It feels much better than the Indycar logo, at least. I wish the “World Series” lettering was eliminated because that looks somewhat busy to me, and would make the logo cleaner, but overall, it’s not bad compared to that ugly Indycar logo. The font is also pretty decent. It’s not that bad to look at.

Champ Car logo: 8/10


I like the F1 logo.. even if the FIA are headcases.. the negative space in the F1 logo is awesome, props for them to have many original ideas on the logo.

F1 logo: 9/10 (because a 10/10 rating is so cliche, i need to look critical)


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